Projects: Where do the £££ go?

Some of the funds we raise go towards such ongoing maintenance costs, such as running the school minibus.  The bulk of our efforts go towards funding more ambitious projects identified by the School Council.  Projects have included a refresh of the 6th Form Facilities, refurbishing the Toilet Facilities and supporting the Safe Start for Team Amersham initiative.  


2021: Sun & Outdoor Classroom Canopy

Keeping our students shaded from the sun, sheltered from the rain and enabling more outdoor teaching, we're building an outdoor canopy.  It's an ambitious project so we need your support!

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2020: Safe Start for Team Amersham:

Our primary focus in mid 2020 was to support Amersham School's GoFundMe initiative - Safe Start for Team Amersham.

To keep our children safe upon their return to school, hand sanitisers, temperature screening and work space protections needed to be installed.  Schools had not been given any additional budget to fund these safety measures, and so needed to rely on the support of parents, carers and other patrons.  Thank you to everyone who donated to this essential cause. 


Previous success: Spend a Penny

Our Student Council lobbied long and hard to have the school-wide toilet facilities refurbished. Due to the County Council being unable to provide funds for this huge project, we launched a major fundraising campaign to pay for the refurbishment of all student toilets.  A huge thank you to the previous ASA team, who were instrumental to the success of this project. 


Previous success: Sixth Form Facilities

We raised funds to help Amersham School refresh the sixth form facilities.  With the tremendous support we received from parents, we were able to donate new study furniture, helping to create a contemporary environment in which our young people are even more inspired to become the very best that they can be.


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